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Chiropractic manipulative therapy(CMT)- Main corrective procedure in chiropractic in which involves realigning the spine and extremities to correct misalignments which can compress nerves, discs,  and joint surfaces thereby causing pain.

Non-surgical spinal decompression-A computerized form of spinal traction that involves a series of controlled sets of contraction and relaxation to decompress and rehydrate bulging and herniated discs. 

Interferential muscle stimulation-An electrical therapy that stimulates the nerves to provide an analgesic effect and stimulates the muscles to cause muscle relaxation thereby decreasing pain.

Ultrasound therapy-a therapeutic from of ultrasound that works by using sound waves vibrating at certain frequencies to decrease inflammation and muscle relaxation. 

Massage therapy-Dr Masterson and his massage therapists utilize different muscle stretching and release techniques to facilitate muscle relaxation.

Muscle rehabilitation-In order for chiropractic adjustments to last and minimize future occurrences, exercises will be given to correct muscular imbalances and weaknesses

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